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I am researching the Weiss/Weisz family >from the Transcarpathian town of
ORDARMA also known as:
which, until the late 1800s was two places (Õr)-Darma and Õr (a.k.a. Eor,
Jone, Jóra, Jovro, Javro, Yareh (in Hebrew: yud alef resh ayin))

Today, this town is known as Storoznitsa, on the outskirts of Uzhgorod
(formerly Ungvar), Ukraine.

Although knowns by these different names (and this Eor should not be
confused with the Õr or Eor in Szabolcs County) I know for certain that my
great-great-grandfather, Efraim Weisz (born in Ungvar in 1812) was a ritual
slaughterer in that town and was living there in 1853 through 1860.

Efraim's father was MENACHEM MENDEL WEISZ, who had been a rabbi. I've read
that the synagogue for Jovre/Or/Ordarma was located in Nagy-Kapos, which
today is in Slovakia and called Vel'ké Kapu.

He was married to Hani Perlmutter, born in Gyure in 1830, although she might
not have been his first wife. They had Czarna/Regina/Seri, Beila, Josef.
Cheskel, Szali and Roszali (Sarah). They moved to Nagytarkany (today Velky
Trakan in Slovakia) around 1861, emigrated to the United States in the 1880s
and died in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1895.

The children listed above all emigrated to the States except for Cheskel,
who married Kati Klein and settled in Csap. When they lived on the lower
east side in the late 1880s, several marriages were officiated at by a Rev.
Samuel Weiss, possibly a relative.

Since Weiss is such a common Hungarian name, if anyone has information
specifically about Weisses (or Perlmutters) >from the towns mentioned above,
or knows of any Jewish records for these towns or the synagogue in
Nagykapos, please get in touch with me privately unless it is of general
interest to the discussion group.

Many thanks!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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