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Adam Smith <ajsmith98@...>

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to track down survivors of a branch of my Tambor family that
married into a Schwartz family.

David Leib Schwartz b. 1864 married Hani Haya Tambor. Before the War they
lived in Nagyszollos. Their children were Ignacz (Henry) Schwartz b. 1904,
who survived the Shoah and went to Toronto, Sarah Rifka (Regina) b. 1909,
who also survived and went to Israel. She married to a Horowitz. They may
have lived in Kfar Ata.

If anyone knows anything about this family, I would appreciate your help.

Take care,
Adam Smith

New York, NY

TAMBOR: Nankovo, Kelechin, and all of Maramaos
SAPSOWITZ, SAPSZOVICS: Horinchovo, Iza, Lipsha
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