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Dear Vivian and all,

What Vivian found is a true Pandora box. One never ceases discovering new and fantastic research information and resources. Here is the one I uncovered today:

Magyarorszag nepessege a Pragmatica Sanctio koraban 1720-21.

It's a very comprehensive census of the population living in the Hungarian Empire, surveyed in around 1735-1739. Some pages are of special interest to us:

Pages 282 to 290 contain a detailed statistic of all Jews living in the Empire, classified by several criteria (including the regions >from where they came to the Empire) and presented by counties and places. The entry page is:

On pages 488 to 490 there is a summary (in Hungarian) of the history of Jewish settlements in the Empire and comments on migrations. The entry page is:


Tom Venetianer <>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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