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Marc D. Machtinger wrote:

"Does anyone have any information about whether, and to what extent,there
were communities of Sephardic Jews in the Burgenland region of Austria/Hungary?
I have a Sephardic ancestor . Her maiden name was "AQUILAR" (variations: AGLAR or AGUILAR)."

Not quite Burgenland, but Vienna which is not that far >from Burgenland.

My gggrandmother Marianne (Maria) HASSAN, neƩ ESKENASI, died in Vienna in 1891.
The record of her death states she was 78 years old and born in Vienna (i.e. circa 1813),
but that she was "zustandig" (a citizen ?) of Bucharest. I presume she acquired that citizenship >from her husband.

May I draw your attention to an article " The Sephardi Community of Vienna" by Rabbi Dr. M. Papo in a book "The Jews of
Austria" edited by Josef Fraenkel, ISBN 0853 03045 6. In that article is the story of the legend of the Catholic
Bishop Diego de AQUILAR of Madrid who when he discovered his mother and sister had been caught practising Judaism in
secret, realised his own heritage, and fled to Vienna. The legend continues that he left Vienna secretly in the company
of a courier >from the Ottoman Sultan when the Spanish government demanded his extradition..
Maybe he only went as far as Burgenland ?

The article also mentions that the Sephardi community in Vienna, founded circa 1737, increased considerably in 1750 with
a large influx of Jews >from Turkey by which I understand the Ottoman Empire. They settled in Vienna but remained
Turkish subjects and enjoyed the protection of the Sultan. The members of this community were known as Turkish Jews,
in contrast to those in Amsterdam who were known as Spanish and Portuguese Jews.

I could well imagine that the migration of Sephardi Jews to Burgenland would have occured either at the same time, or as
a spillover of the migration to Vienna.

David Laufer
Sydney, Australia

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