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Tomer Brunner

Dear Margarita and H-siggers,

Several wrote that a very limited number mention the name of the mother.
I have seen many tombstones in Hungary which mention the mother's name, but
have never (or almost never) seen it in Poland and other places where i

What do the three letters "lamed-pey-koof" mean, after the year?
It is an abbreviation of the Hebrew words " Lifrat Katan " and that means
that the Hebrew year is written without the indication of the thousands.
For example: 765 instead of 5765.

I would like to know if there is a difference between "Hersch" and
It is the same Yiddish name, but just pronounced differently in different

In the marriage record ...his Hebrew name is Menachem (an abbreviation that
nobody could figure out but could be "hey-mem") Mendel HaLevi.
*In this case* the abbreviation "hey mem" stands for " HaMechune ", which
to " who is called ". Many or most paople whose name is Menachem are
named, in
Yiddish, Mendel. So what the marriage record say is that the peoson with
the Hebrew name Menachem is called (in everyday life...) Mendel.

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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