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Vicki Vigil <aev@...>

Hi all

I have a letter >from 1957 addressed to my father >from Mrs. Dr. Georg
BASCH, Budapest VI Sriv Utica 33 III 2 Hungary

I would like:
1. to send a letter to this address in hopes that a BASCH family
member still lives there; or that the current resident knows of them,
or how to reach them.

2. your suggestions on how I address the envelope: "Current
resident of Budapest VI .....? or BASCH family, or what?

3. to know what section of Budapest this address is in? I often
see people on this list refer to various "areas" and I am
unsure which "area" my family was from.

4. Someone to inform me if city directories in Budapest would be
helpful in looking for surnames and if so what dates are
available for these directories.

I know I've asked a lot, but I seem to be working on a most elusive side
of the family and could really use your help.

thanks to all

Vicki Blum Vigil
Cleveland Ohio USA


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