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Carol J. Robinson <caroljr@...>

This is a great opportunity for me to remind everyone how H-SIG projects
work. The majority of our projects are run under formal agreements with
other groups such as the LDS church's Family History Library and the Hungarian National
Archives. We obtain the permission of the owner of the data, whether it
is for photographs of Holocaust memorials taken by members or records
owned by state archives.

Almost all of our records are transcribed by volunteers, sometimes alone
but often part of teams. Our major projects, the 1828 and 1848 census
projects operate under the able leadership of project coordinators Eric
Bloch and Robert Neu respectively. As promised, our vital records
transcription work is growing, though we do not yet have a coordinator.
My role is to coordinate all of the H-SIG research efforts (and in my
spare time I serve as the project coordinator for the Holocaust
Database, the acting webmaster and am transcribing the vital records of
Szvidnik!). I do my best to provide support and guidance to the many
individuals and groups that work on the records that form the All
Hungary Database - almost a quarter of a million records published since
it was introduced over 2 years ago, with 15,000 more just submitted this

As many members have learned, the risk of asking this type of question
is that the answer is as follows "of course, if you are willing to
coordinate the team!" If you are interested, get in touch with me
directly to review what type of records might be available.

And those of you interested in Nyiregyhaza or Nyirbator - contact me
directly at to volunteer.

Carol Robinson
H-SIG Research Coordinator
Alameda, CA USA
Amos Israel Zezmer wrote:


Will the vital records of Vel'ké Kapusany ever be transcribed?

Best regards,

Amos Zezmer
Rio de Janeiro
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