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Here's a couple more ideas about that book:

1. See if you can locate business records >from the original publisher. =

Perhaps the stock of published books was left to another publisher, whom
you could locate.

2. With so many antiquarian bookstores in central Europe, and many of the=
online, maybe you can locate another copy of that book. =

3. I notice that the best-known online auction site allows you to leave
messages stating the item you are looking for, in case someone else has
that item. The same policy holds with several well-known online used boo=
sellers here in the states. You can post your request and someone may ha=
that book.

4. Finally, if all else fails, you could find out what kind of scanners a=
useable at that Slovak library, and actually send them one, asking them t=
copy the book and mail you a copy, and then they can keep the scanner.

Do let us know what solution works for you, in the end!

Best wishes,
Maureen Tighe-Brown

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