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tom klein <h-sig@...>

the first "place" to check is with the mormons (try <>). they have microfilmed a lot of material >from eastern europe, and if they have the records that you want >from serbia, the records can "come to you". the descriptions are usually in the original language, hungarian in this case, which should be easy enough to decipher.

....... tom klein, toronto

"peter bakos" <> wrote:
Hello >from Budapest.

I have been in touch with a person >from a Serbian Genealogy group (I am new
to it aned do not know much about what goes on in Serbia, genealogy wise)
who informed me that the Jewish community in Serbia keep their own
documents. Is this true? Does any one know about Jewish Registers for
Zrenjanin (Nagy Beckerek), or Yasi Tomic (Modos)? Please let me know before
I go there for no apparent reason.

Peter Bakos

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