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Vivian Kahn

As some of you may have noticed, I misstated my relationship to
Piroska MARKUS VERO. She was my father's first cousin, which would
make her my first cousin once-removed (NOT my great-aunt). Piroska's
daughter Marika is my second cousin. I would appreciate any
suggestions about how to find Marika, who was born in 1942 and is,
hopefully, out there somewhere! Piroska, her second husband Bandi, and
Marika may have left Hungary for South America after the Hungarian
uprising in 1956. How would I go about tracing Hungarian immigrants to
Argentina and Chile during 1956-57?

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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Subject: VERO-WEISZBERGER/Nyirbator and Debrecen
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My father's first cousin, Piroska VERO was married to Zoltan VERO b.
Nyirbator 1905. I recently discovered that his parents were Abraham
WEISZBERGER and Szofia FELDMESSER >from Nyirbator. Zoltan and his
brother Dr. Laszlo WEISZBERGER both died while serving in the Hungarian
Labor Battalion. They had a sister Iren b. 1903 who survived and was
in Debrecen in 1945 after the war. She was married to Jozef LESSER.

Piri and her 4-year old daughter Marika survived Strasshof. After the
war they left Debrecen for Budapest and by December 1949 Piri had
remarried to a man named Bandi(Andras), possibly not Jewish, who had a
17-year old son.

My great-aunt Piri was born in Sepsiszentgyorgy, Hungary, now Sfatu
Georgiu, Romania, to Roszi MOSKOVITS, my paternal grandmother's oldest
sister, and Deszo MARKUS. The Debrecen records incorrectly list Piri's
mother's maiden name as MARKOVITS rather than MOSKOVITS.

I'm trying to find out what happened to Piri, Bandi, and their
children. I recall that my father Elemer NEUMANN, who was born in
Hungary, was
contacted by some cousins in 1956 and asked for help with immigration.
I believe that the family could not enter the US and may have ended up
in Argentina or Chile. Unfortunately, my dad died in 1969 and I don't
have any other relatives,names,or records.

Please get in touch if this blended family sounds familiar. Piri
(Piroska) would now be more than 90 and Bandi would be at least that
Piri's daughter Marika (Maria) would be about 63. This family was
living in Budapest in 1949 and may have emigrated to South America
after 1956.

I'll be in Budapest next month and would appreciate any suggestions
about how to locate this family.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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