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Robert Neu

Bernstein(ne) means Mrs Bernstein, so the family name
is "Bernstein".
The address looks funny, as there is no house number
and "Budapest IV"
means Kerulet(district) 4, and the street name should
probably be "Nadasdy Kalman utca"(street).

I would try

Anna Blum
Budapest 1046
Nadasdy Kalman utca

--- "Gábor Hirsch" <> wrote:

If you activate in the MATAV result the red
underlined world, you get
additionally the housenumber too. I believe you can
let out the IV districh
as it is already specified in the postal (ZIP) code,
so I would adress it
the following way, but there may be different
suggestions too.

Ms. Blum Anna
Nádasdy Kálmán utca 17 /1/4
HU-1046 Budapest

Best regards
Gabor hirsch

--- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ---
Von: Vicki Vigil <>
An: "H-SIG" <>
Betreff: [h-sig] BERNSTEINNE and matav addresses
Datum: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 07:59:30 -0400

Hi all,

The Matav on-line directory lists addresses in
this way:
Blum, Anna Budapest IV, kerulet 1046
Nadasdy Kalman utca
So should a letter to her be addressed
like this:
Anna Blum
Kalman utca
1046 Nadasdy
Kerulet, Budapest IV

Or differently?

Also looking for anyone with information on Dr.
lived at
Sziv-u 69, VI Budapest in 1927. She was an

Vicki Blum Vigil
Cleveland Ohio USA

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