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Robert Neu

Budapest is the city made up of what was originally
two cities: Buda on the left bank of the Danube and
Pest on the right bank. Buda was the original royal
city, and originally Pest was mostly marshes on the
right bank. Obuda is the place in Buda where the
original (so to speak) Jewish community was - as of
the early 18th Century - and was were probably where
earlier communities had been.

Today and since the second half of the 19th Century it
is all one city Budapest. As a point of interest the
Parliament, the main synagogue, District VII where
most Jews lived are all on the right bank - meaning
Pest. When people say they are >from Buda they mean the
left bank. When they say they are >from Pest it can
mean either Budapest as a whole or just Pest - i.e.
the right bank. Also by now the city has I believe 22
districts and after WWII, some of the suburbs became
part of the city.

Keep also in mind that the great influx of Jews in the
city - and city growth took place in the second part
of the 19th Century.

Robert Neu

--- Karen Cecilio <> wrote:


I am actively researching my husband's line, KAUNITZ
who lived in the villages of Baan, Nyitra, Illava,
Dubnicz, etc.
I am finding at some points that some of them move
to the city
of Budapest.

I am interested in looking at the LDS films of the
city, but am
rather baffled by what the differences are between
Buda, Pest,
Obuda, and Budapest itself. Are they all districts
of the same
city, or are they their own individual towns?

A little primer would be helpful. I can't seem to
find a good
explanation online.

Thank you,
Karen Cecilio
Akron, Ohio

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