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Thanks to a couple of messages, I think we have figured out that Osztrogoszk
is Ostrogojsk or Ostrogorsk, in Russia, near the city of Voronezh. According
to The World Almanac of World War II: 12 January 1943, The Soviet Voronezh
Front... attack the Hungarian Second Army...The Hungarian defenses are
quickly shattered. On 19 January 1943, in the rear a pocket of Hungarian
troops are driven >from Ostrogozhsk. Since the last record of my wife's'
cousin was 16 Jan 1943, this seems to fit. Thanks for the help.

Mike More

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I found a record for one of my relatives, who was last recorded in a
Hungarian Labour Battalion in 1943 at Osztrogoszk. I can't find this
location on a map. Does anyone know where it is and what it is called now?

Mike More

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