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Nafteli is the first name of several members of my family. I assume
this is a German name, but I'm not sure. Any idea what the American
name for this would be?
Naftali is a common Hebrew given name. The source of the name
is biblical (Genesis 30:8), being the name of one of the twelve sons
of Jacob (Israel) - one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

In terms of Americanizations of Hebrew names, especially in earlier
generations - there are no immutable rules. Often an English name
which started with the same consonant was used. In the present
instance, names like "Norman" or "Nathan" might have been used.
Then again, many times there is seemingly no correlation
whatsoever between a chosen English name and the original
Hebrew or Yiddish given name. Sometimes, the degree to which
the family was traditional is a factor.

Hope this helps,

Moshe Davis

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