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Hi everyone,
I would like some advice on specific researchers in Hungary. My family is >from Miskolc, and I am looking for all types of Miskolc vital records. ?

My ggfather Samuel (Avraham Shmuel) FREEMAN was born in Miskolc in 1859 to Yeshayahu (Harold) FREIMAN or FRIEDMAN. Samuel left Hungary in 1879 and went to the US, (NY, Indiana, Rhode Island and ultimately Newark NJ). He had several brothers (no information), a sister Rose (there is a family connection to Fanny Brice here somehow), and nother sister married REICH (and had children Lolly, Marion,and Rose). Samuel married Fanny Hahn, daughter of Philip Hahn, also of Miskolc, Hungary. ?

Although the family name in the US became FREEMAN, we were told it had been FREIMAN in Hungary. However, recently a naturalization record came to light that may have been FREDMAN, and a possible ship manifest listing FRIEDMAN (can't be sure it is him).

I appreciate any wisdom and experience that the list members can share = with me. All the best,

Gila Wachman
Lakewood, NJ

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