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Vivian Kahn

I was in Michalovce in August and found the grave of Leopold (Aryeh ben
Menachem haLevi) MOSKOVITS, a previously unknown relative, who is
buried next to my great-grandparents, Markusz (Marek, Mordche haLevi)
MOSKOVITS and Sali KOHN. Leopold was reportedly born in Lastomir in
1861 and moved to Nagymihaly (now Michalovce). He was a butcher and
had two wives (Mali GRUENSTEIN and Fani KESSLER) who gave him 15
children, at least 3 of whom were Holocaust victims.

Leopold's mother was named Ruchel and may well be the Rosza (Ruchel)
MOSKOVITS b. 1832 who died in Michalovce in 5678 (1918?) at the age of
86 and is the daughter of Josef LEFKOVITS. Among the tidbits I found
during my trip was that Anna LEFKOVITS was the name of my
great-great-grandmother. Her daughter Sali KOHN, my great-grandmother,
was the wife of Markusz MOSKOVITS and is also buried in Michalovce.

I also have info about a Dovid MOSKOVITS >from Lastomir who married Hani
NEUMAN and was living in Szobrancz before 1895. All of my paternal
reltives (NEUMANN and MOSKOVITS) are >from Szobrancz so there may well
be a connection here as well. Also found a David MOSKOVITS living in
Lastomir in the 1812 Zemplen Census. Please contact me if you have any
info on MOSKOVITS families >from Lastomir.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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