Hungary SIG #Hungary Inappropriate messages #hungary

Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo@...>

Dear moderator of the H SIG list,

I am not sure that M. Amsel-Arieli previously sent Email to this group or to
the Romania SIG list. If it was this list, please note that I strongly
object to her signing her message with a website which advertises her book.
No one should be allowed to use the SIG forum as a means of advertising a
product or a service they sell, promote or derive some benefit from.
Signatures should consist solely of name and location.

Thank you Miriam Taylor

Bloomington Indiana

Moderator: The book in question can be purchased at the JewishGen Mall, which is the sole reason why the tag line was included with the message. The Moderator apologizes for not including an explanation to that effect. JewishGen is currently evaluating this policy.

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