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I would appreciate your helping me with my research regarding my family.
My grandfather Lorincz Izsak son of Leopold (Josef Arye) and Sara
(Sheindl) was born in 1849 in Transylvania in Kissebes, or in Fellegret
near Szilagysomlo.
I have been having difficulties in locating these places, and also in
finding information regarding his family.

I know that he has studied in the Yeshiva in Sziget.and at the age of
20; he studied in FOLDES, Hungary, and then moved to Ballasagyarmat,
where he continued with his studies. In 1876 he married Dvora Kalman. In
1879, he became the Rabbi of Nagyoroszi, and in Nogradmegye
. Recently I discovered that he had a brother and a sister
His brother, whose given name I don't know- lived in Miskolc and was a
lawyer or a bank manager
I don't know if he had any surviving children.

He might have passed away before the holocaust .maybe it is possible to
locate his tombstone in the Jewish cemetery in Miskolc. ?
Do you know how I can locate a list of tombstones, or any other
documents that can be of help to me?

Regarding his sister RIVKE the only thing I know is that she was living
in BUDAPEST in the VII district, widowed at a young age and had two
educated daughters that were responsible for a shop -selling tobacco,
newspapers, stamps etc. which was called in Hungarian "Traffik".=20
Do you have any suggestions on how to find any information about them?
Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Miri Klein

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