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We all appreciate how wonderful LDS' site is and how much it helps us in our search. But sometimes searching it is indeed difficult.

However, I discovered a manner of searching which is unbeatable and produces very accurate results. Instead of using place searches, I search a place using the "keyword" search feature. It produces fantastic results. In the case of Dominique's search, all one has to do is to enter the word "Ersekujvar" and one gets all the LDS repositories which contain that town.

The nice thing is that this kind of search can be conducted with no regard to accents. The search engine will find the results for "Ersekujvar" and, as a matter of fact, it wont produce any results if one enters the accented spelling "Erse'kujv'ar"

A second trick is how one facilitates searching very long film listings. The normal search brings up 50 items by page and then you have to navigate with the "next film notes" link to browse through the other pages. In the case of the 1869 Nitra census, there are 624 film entries, so this method would lead to searching and browsing 13 pages.

Here is the trick to avoid that: at the first page's link - a long URL address - add the following string:
and hit enter,

and, voila, you will get all the 624 entries on *one single page*. This takes a bit longer to show the page but >from there on, and the example in case, all one has to do is to use the browser's "Find" function to discover the 6 films for Ersekujvar.

A piece of cake ;-)

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Subject: 1869 Census
From: "Michael Miller" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 15:14:06 -0700
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Most records for 1869 are not principally catalogued by town, but by County.
It is not difficult to enter a County name (Nyitra here) into the "place
search" which will bring up a list of Nyitra places, the first of which has
no sub-listing (Hungary, Nyitra). Clicking on that link brings up three
county-wide records, one of which is the 1869 Census. Clicking on that
link, and then on "show film notes" brings up the 624 entries for places on
the films. One has to sort through them (unless you can take a short cut by
knowing the Slovakian district (Jaras) to move around faster).
Tom Venetianer <>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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