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It seems that Gabriela Svatos may have misinterpreted a couple of items >from the document she saw online >from the
National Archives of Australia (NAA)

She wrote:

George MEDAK(sponsor) is a former
internee/POW. It looks like he was arrested in Liverpool and then was
transported to Lane Cove ,NSW. There must be a story there.

Also, in these Australian papers is information that the FOLDES family were
British by Naturalization (25.9.1944, Cert No. 1685). Now there are more
places to hunt :)))

George MEDAK's arrest in December 1941 was probably a routine event concerning many Aliens living in Australia, and at a
time when the war was suddenly on Australia's doorstep. He was released after only 3 weeks indicating that he was not
considered a danger. In fact, like many refugees to Australia George MEDAK subsequently enlisted in the Australian
Army during WW2. My uncle Joseph BRAUN and my father-in- law Albert WANTOCH, both >from Vienna, had so enlisted but were
never sent overseas ( because of their Austrian origin ?). There is a file on George MEDAK's enlistment at the NAA
Although that file is annotated "not yet examined" Gabriela could try to request a digital copy of that file. Liverpool
was then at the outskirts of Sydney and the location of army camps. Lane Cove is a residential suburb of Sydney (it is
where I live) and is where George and Irene MEDAK's house was (28 Morrice Street )

The British by Naturalisation refers to the applicant, George and Irene MEDAK, and not to the nominee the FOLDES family.


David Laufer
Lane Cove NSW

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