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This is a fantastic job on your part. It will be a big help to many people.
our help and response to many questions on this list has helped many
people, and I thank you for that.


At 01:04 PM 11/4/2005, Tom Venetianer wrote:
Dear all,

I have been developing a single-step search engine for finding Jewish
vital records at the FHL site <>. As you know,
their site is quite rigid and difficult to navigate and to search.

I created an interface which is simple and handy. It's entry page can be
found at <>. This page allows you to
search the FHL library, covering ALL Hungarian Jewish records they have
microfilmed. It contains over 450 locations, updated until October 2005.

I believe this page and its navigation is self-explanatory: The ABC
listing allows you to reach alphabetically the name of any town or village
in FHL's repository. The side bar permits navigation by county (varmegye)
names. Those without links do not have filmed records.

The body frame carries the resulting listing with two links for each entry:

"details", which links to FHL's Title Details page for that location, and

"films", which takes you to FHL's Film Notes page, containing the listing
of all films available for that particular location.

Notice that once you reached a FHL page, you are navigating inside their
site. To come back to mine you will have to use your browser's "back button".

I hope you will find this useful.

I'm now working on the Slovak records/films. Please let me have your
feedback if this is indeed something you feel I should develop further.
Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Caveat: The site where my pages are hosted is a free hosting resource
which exists because of income generated >from banner advertising. I
strongly recommend you activate a pop-up windows blocker because each time
you navigate through one of my pages a new banner will pop-up.
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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