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I am looking for suggestions on where to look next for
the death record of my gggm Julia Braun who lived in
Nemet-uj-var, Hungary -- now Gussing, Austria.

Her name appears on two of the marriage records of her
sons. On the first of these in 1892 she is recorded
as living in Nemet-uj-var. On the second of these in
1895 she is recorded as deceased (nehai), and located
in Nemet-uj-var (her husband has apparently moved to

Well, I have searched the Jewish death records for
Nemet-uj-var. I also tried looking in the civil
registration for this town. But I haven't found a
record for her. I am stumped and do not know where to
look next. Any suggestions??

Denise Pfalzer
Tampa, Florida, USA

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