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Omri Arnon <omri@...>

Dear group,

I wonder if there are any information sources you know about in Hungary,
specifically in Budapest, that can help me trace a relative whose details I
found in the Neveklarsfeld survivors list. I am trying to find the living
relatives of Erdos Gabor, son of Dr. Erdos Josef (son of Erdos Ignacz and
Reinitz Rosa) and Margit Barcza. Finding his descendants would help me
immensely in solving a difficult piece in the puzzle. His record details
Record Number 1062637
Registrant's Family Name ERDOS
Registrant's First Name GABOR
Gender M
Date of Birth 1922
Place of Birth BUDAPEST
Mother's Family Name BARCA
Mother's First Name MARGIT
Address Street HORTHY MIKLOS
Address Number 35

Any help would be appreciated.

Omri Arnon

Moderator: Information about how to carry out this search will be of interest to H-SIG members.

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