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Frank Valoczy gives us a valuable tool how to produce the majority of the
missing characters on the keyboard. The ASCIIand DOS US characterset has
much more characters as seen on the keyboard. You can produce them on the
hard way by getting the characterset, part of the Windows systemprogramms by
the German windows by programme>Zubehor>systemprogramme>Zeichetabelle or the
easier way, by following Frank Valoczy's advice with ALT and xxxx numbers,
ALT must be held down during entering the numbers on the numeric part of the
keyboard and NumLock activated. There are only a very few Hungarian
characters which can't be produced that way and are replaced with a similar
character, this are characters with double acute signs. I hope the majority
with all operating system (DOS, Windows, MAC, UNIX/LINUX etc.) can use this

A happy and better New Year
Best regards
Gábor Hirsch

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For Hungarian, Alt+#### will give you these letters:

Á (0193, cap a-acute)
É (0201, cap e-acute)
Í (0205, cap i-acute)
Ó (0211, cap o-acute)
Õ (0213, cap o-tilde, used for o-double acute)
Ö (0214, cap o-diaresis)
Ú (0218, cap u-acute)
Û (0219, cap u-circumflex, used for u-double acute)
Ü (0220, cap u-diaresis)
á (0225, small a-acute)
é (0233, small e-acute)
í (0237, small i-acute)
ó (0243, small o-acute)
õ (0245, small o-tilde, used for o-double acute)
ö (0246, small o-diaresis)
ú (0250, small u-acute)
û (0251, small u-circumflex, used for u-double acute)
ü (0252, small u-diaresis)

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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