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tom klein <h-sig@...>

that's very nice, but please note:

1) not a *single one* of the codes listed displays correctly on a macintosh.=
they range >from euro currency symbols to upside down exclamation marks. =
the only two that are even close are "e" and "i", and even they are=
capitals, instead of lower case, and the accents go the wrong way (grave=
instead of acute). all these codes seem to be windows-specific.

2) they are not completely correct for hungarian orthography. the use of=
the tilde and circumflex (why not just one or the other?) is a kluge=
because the double acute is not commonly available.

3) it takes only a few minutes to get used to putting the accents after the=
vowel. [A' E' I' O' O" O: U' U" U: a' e' i' o' o" o: u' u" u:] it is both=
universal, and a lot easier to remember. and, i can absolutely guarantee=
that it will display correctly on every system >from windows 3.1 to the=
latest blackberry.

=2E..... klein tama's

destron@... wrote:

For Hungarian, Alt+#### will give you these letters:

=A1 (0193, cap a-acute) < this displays on my system as a spanish upside=
down exclamation mark


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