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Dr. Lea Gedalia,

In my tree I do have BERGER same spelling, and POLAK with a singe L.
After visiting the JewishGen Family Finder at and checking for names in your tree, let me know if you find matches listed
by me as researcher 55712, and then contact me perhaps off-sig.

Leslie Eloed
California, USA
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msleag@... writes:
Subject:Families >from Tolna/Somogy counties

Hello Genners
I am searching for info regarding families Berger,Adler and Pollak that were
connected by marirage to the Brucker/Boros
family born probably in Paks and died in Subotica.

Dr. Lea Gedalia,Jerusalem

Moderator: Have you checked the JewishGen Family Finder at and the All Hungary Database to see if these surnames are listed? Make sure to check the AHD
for families >from Szabadka, which is the former Hungarian name for this city
which was in Yugoslavia and is now in the Vojvodina region of Serbia-Montenegro.

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