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Date: January 8, 2006 8:05:07 AM EST (CA)
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On 6-Jan-06, at 3:08 PM, Joan and Sam Kraus wrote:

In my great-grandfather Bernhard Krauss's marriage records >from =20
Hunsdorf, he said he was auf Bonhard. There is a possibility he =20
may have come >from Bonyhad. Has anyone who researches Bonyhad =20
found a record of a person who spoke German using the name Bonhard =20=
for Bonyhad?

In a military record, he was said to come >from the Bansag. I think
this is a military or frontier region. Was Bonyhad considered to
be a part of such a region, especially in the early 1800's?
Bonyhad was part of Hungary proper and not the Military District.

Peter I. Hidas
Mississauga, Ontario,

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