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In the last days there are two messages praising but also criticizing the
“Memorial Wall” in Budapest and Yad Vashem. My impressions are mixed about
both institutions. I try to describe my experiancies.

What I would like as a survivor, that the names should be grouped according
the last residence and I should be able to browse and rediscover – without a
search for a specific name – friends, neighbours relatives etc. I would like
also that each place where Jews were deported from, shold have a memorial
erected with the names of the perished ones.

***About Budapest:
I went in the past years to my hometown, visited archives and collected from
the so called “Halalfelveteli nyinvantartas (death registration)” some 850
records entered between 1946-51. It was known and used in my hometown and in
November 2004 the hdke asked for them as well as for a list I prepared of
the Hungarian women transported >from Ausxchwitz and registered in Stutthof
on the 27 September 1944. The transport my mother was sent to Stutthof.
Neither at my visit in June nor in September 2005 in Budapest were the lists

***About Yad Vashem:
In 1981 I filled out a questionary of Yad Vashemabout the death of my
mother, according of survivors, who were with her. Later in 1998 I found out
based on ITS documents, that the selection I was told, was selection for KZ
Stutthof, she was listed also in the “Names (Nevek) of Hungarian Jewish
Women in the Stutthof Concentration Camp”, edited by Yad Vashem, even so
they didn’t made a remark of her registration, stay or death in Stutthof.
My surviving friend Otto, his twinbrother Ferenc and her sister Agnes were
recorded dead probably based on the “Names of the deported Jews >from Hajdu,
County” may be by a well meaning person, the parents were entered by their
surviving daughter Agnes 1987.

60 years or 15 years after fall of the Iron Curtain were not enough to
collect the names of the victims, it is still an adventure to find your way
in “The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names” >from Yad Vashem. I tried
to use information on a person I loaded down a long time ago, but I was
unable to get any result. One of my friends claimed that since a year, when
he provided several dozen names to Yad Vashem, no names were put on Yad
Vashem's list. So you see impressions can be quite different.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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Dear All,
I visited in the Hungarian center and it was a great disappointment for
Nothing in Hebrew - our national language; poor collection; the memorial
forms were in Hungarian only; the fonts on the wall were so small and the
wall is so high that I could not see the names of my poor grandparents.
Yad Vashem is thoughtful and you can download the testimony pages in many
languages and fill them up. The sooner the better!

Esther Levinson
Beer Sheva, Israel
Dear Group,
I'm quite new here.
I don't exactly know what's been going on, so sorry if I'm writing about
something you've already discussed.
The Holocaust Memorial Center opened last April in Budapest. They have a
memorial wall, where they would like to write the names of all of the
Hungarian Jewish people who perished in the holocaust.
Their site is, and there is an English section.
At the moment there are just about 93 thousand names out of the over
500,000, so there's a lot to be done. I started doing my family tree about a
year ago, been going to the archives, looking for relatives both living and
A relative of mine living in Israel has already given some names to Yad
Vashem, but I have found others. I'd like to provide the museum with the
names of everybody who died >from my family.
If you feel like the same, please do so, too.

All the best,

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