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G Czene

I posted this already - but I realize there are some
words in Hungarian that I may not have translated well
- like "szamolni" , so I have included Istvan's
original message - perhaps it will help in determining
what the next step should be for us. Thank you.

"Most megtudtam, hogy Kunagotan a zsido temeto a regi
temeto mellett van, amit most fel akarnak szamolni, es
vele egyutt a zsido temetot is. 25 evvel ezelott jott
valaki a zsido hitkozsegek kozponti irodajatol es
alairt egy papirt a kunagotai onkormenyzatnak, hogy ha
25 even belul nem lesz temetes, akkor fel lehet
szamolni a temetot.
Talan valaki a listan tud segitenni ezzel???"

Moderator: Most of the subscribers to this list cannot read Hungarian. Please provide a translation.

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