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Unless procedures have changed since my last inquiry in 2003, vital records
of events post-1895 are obtained through the auspices of the Slovak Embassy
in Washington. The application has to be mailed to Washington and
accompanied with a bank cashier check or money order for $10.00 (back in
2003) per record. The applicant may receive a typed transcript of the
original document with no guarantee that all of the information had been
faithfully transcribed such as Hebrew names and names of mid-wives,
witnesses, etc.

For records of pre-1895 vintage, applications are mailed directly to the
Interior Ministry in Bratislava. They, in turn, determine which of the
regional archives in Slovakia is appropriate for processing the requests.
No money is sent until the archive notifies the sender of the final
payment. Be advised also that the final cost is determined by the type of
application, individual vs. running account, and by the degree of effort
spent in the research, e.g., regular vs. intensive research. The latter is
determined by the amount of money the applicant is willing to spend. In
days gone by, the application stipulated three levels of research effort
and their administrative costs. The applicant receives a photocopy of the
original document with all the information included.

Having sent several applications to Washington and Bratislava, the turn
around time varied anywhere >from seven months to two years. The wait was
well worth the results. My personal experience while visiting the regional
archive in Bratislava was that the archive was understaffed and overworked.

Another issue is that even when records of the latter half of the 19th
Century are not readily found in the archives, they may be located in
various town halls. Finding such records requires the effort of a paid
professional researcher. Contacting the town hall directly depends on the
willingness of the staff to respond.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

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