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I agree with Peter Spiro that this is an excellent book (in Hungarian). I
haven't seen the film.
My mother was in Concentration camps. While I was a child, she neither
dwelled on her experiences, nor tried to hide them >from me . She was matter
of fact about them -just like the book. These things happened. She came back
from Germany to the total devastation of her former life.
What could she do?

She had to get on with her life. No-one was particularly sorry for her or
too concerned. The Hungarian non-Jews wished she didn't come back. Everyone
had their own problems. Some people had more family members murdered than
she what should she complain about?

In today's world where the loss of one life can be front page news, the
concept of the Shoah is unimaginable. The book wrote it down how it was,
without invoking the US cavalry, an Italian comic or Hogan's heroes. That is
what makes the book so chillingly real and why it resonates with me.

Dr Andrew Gal
Sydney. Australia
(Researching GRUNBAUM

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