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Hi fellow Siggers.

My researches have taken a bit of an interesting turn. The four daughters
and son of Armin Podwinetz of Modos and Budapest married various interesting
persons. One daughter married Eugene Markush the founder of Pharma. He was
born in Budapest in 1886 and had a sister named Elisabeth, but nothing more
has been found by me, so far.

Sandor Podwinetz who changed his name to Alexander Johnson, married a woman
named Elena Mix in Nogales, Arizona in 1915. He mother had a sister who
married a French Jew named Neubauer and had two daughters one of whom
married Pierre Louis-Dreyfus. I know this is out of our zone (though I have
no idea as to the origins of Neubauer, I just know he was French at the
time). Perhaps Georges Graner may ahve some answers, if so could he please
contact me off list, or anyone else for that matter. And no, I am not
interested in knowing about Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I got that off the net


Peter Bakos
Sarasota, Florida, at least for now.

Researching Podvinetz and a growing list of names.

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