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Judith Berlowitz <judigenie@...>

Dear H-Siggers,
After a multi-year hiatus, I've renewed my search for
my ggrandfather, Meyer GATTMAN(N). Most likely born
around 1820 in Schwanfeld, Bavaria, Meyer and his
wife, Regina Gutmann Schmalbach, moved to Budapest,
probably around 1847, were married there around 1850,
and their 4 children, Anna, Julius, Clara, and
Heinrich,were born there. I have no information for
Anna, but the rest of them came to the US in 1881.
Meyer reportedly returned to Budapest, where he died.

This is the information I am seeking:
Who were Meyer's parents? There is a reported
brother, Felix. There are many other Gattmanns in
Schwanfeld, but I find no record of Meyer (Meier,
Mejer, etc.)
How can I find bmd records in B'pest?
Will be grateful for any clues.
Judith Berlowitz
Oakland, California

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