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dear Michael Miller
Assistant Professor
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

In response to your question:=20

My father, born June 10, 1902 under the name Laszlo' Eisler attended by=20
reason of the numerus clausus law, his studies at the Technical University=20=
Dresden Germany, >from 1920 through 1924. Further details I could send you b=
direct e-mail. I have all his school documentations and curriculum vitae, i=
the Highschool Graduation certificates in the original Latin and also in=20
translation. Notes etc... He passed away in Mauthausen, on April 26, 1945.=
that time his last name was already Hungarianized to Elo"d.
My direct e-mail address is leloed @
With best wishes and regards to your project,

<street address and phone # deleted> writes:
Dear List,

I'm currently doing research on Hungarian Jews who were forced to
study outside of Hungary during the 1920s and 1930s due to the numerus
clausus law, which was in effect during these decades. Many of these
Hungarian Jewish students studied in Brno, Czechoslovakia; Paris,
France; various cities in Germany (before 1933) and Austria (before
1938); various cities in Italy, particularly Padua and Milan.

I'm trying to contact any of these individuals who might still be
alive, or who left behind memoirs or correspondence >from this period.

Please contact me if you have any helpful information or contacts.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Miller
Assistant Professor
Central European University
Budapest, Hungary

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