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Dear SIG-gers,
pls allow me to contribute to this discussion and make it a little bit more

in Budapest they are some more streets, roads and squares their name is
"ERZSEBET", probably after emperor FRANZ-Joseph´s wife Queen "Sisi"

- the above mentioned ERZSEBET-Ring
- ERZSEBET Close in III. district,
- ERZSEBET Street in IV. district,
- ERZSBET Square in V. district,
- ERZSEBET Street in X. district,
- ERZSEBET View in XII. district,
- ERZSEBET Road im XIV. district,
- Queen ERZSEBET Street in XXII. district.
Wishing nice week to All
Tomi LANG, Nove Zamky, Slovakia

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This is a wonderful example of why so many immigrants ended up with
changed names. The best I can make out is that maybe it is Erzsebet utca.
There is of course the famous Erzsebet Korut which is part of one of the
Buadpest "Rings". Certainly there is at least one Erzsebet utca as well,
but regrettably all of my stuff is packed.

The best way for you to confirm the residence of your ancestors would be
to consult the Budapest City Directory. By my recollection a copy of the
1907 book exists in the Ervin Szabo library in Pest. It is easy to find
and you can get entry fairly easily without having to speak Hungarian.
You may have to get a day card, but it will be free. Just ask for the
Budapest room and you will find the City Directories on the back wall.

Peter Bakos
Sarasota, Florida

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