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'alk' stands for 'alkalmazott', meaning employee.

Gila Miriam Chait,
Manchester, England

--- peter bakos <> wrote:

Nev: Lorber Izsak
Foglalkozas: izr. hitkozs. alk.
Kerulet: III.
Cim: Zichy-u. 9.

This means

Name: Isak Lorber
Occupation: Works in the Jewish Community (as what
is not clear as the
abbreviation alk doesn't tell me anything I can find
in the dictionary.
District: III (This is on the Buda side, actually
Address: 9 Zichy street This street has been
renamed, I believe. The
Zichy family owned parts of Obuda and invited the
Jewish community to locate
themselves here following the liberation of Budapest
from the Turks by the
Austrians. As the Ottomans had been tolerant of the
Jewish faith, some in
the Austrian establishment sought to punish them.

Peter Bakos

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