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Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

I have just put online a photographic exhibition of more than one-hundred
and thirty Holocaust memorials in the New York-New Jersey area.
Unfortunately, I could not find a single Hungary-associated memorial in any
of the cemeteries I am familiar with. If anybody knows the location of
memorials dedicated to the people and/or a town in Hungary, please let me
I am also constructing a sister exhibition of Holocaust memorials in Europe,
Israel and elsewhere in the world. If you have any photographs of memorials
in Hungary, and elsewhere in Europe and the world, please consider e-mailing
them to me for inclusion in this upcoming exhibition.
Thank you so much and best wishes for a wonderful Pesach.

Steven Lasky

Moderator: You can find a list of names of martyrs transcribed >from Hungarian Holocaust memorials and included in the All-Hungary database at

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