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Hi Ed,

What a great find! I have a cousin who was in
Varazdin at the same time your cousin was there.
Please clarify how I can find her "Personal Data and
Belongings" information.

Happy Passover,


--- Ed Zwieback <ezwieback@...> wrote:

In late 1999, I requested a Red Cross Tracing
Inquiry for my cousin Hedviga
GOLDSCHMIDT, a holocaust victim last known living in
Varazdin, Croatia. In
Dec 2000, I received a number of records about her,
as collected by the
Croatian Red Cross. Included was a 7-page document
titled "Form I,
Personal Data and All Belongings". This Ustashe
document was required to be
completed by all Jews living in the "Independent
State of Croatia (NDH,
Nezavisna drzava Hrvatska)". The copy that I
received came >from the
"Croatian State Archives, Zagreb".

A good description ( in English) of this document
and many other Croatian
holocaust documents can be found on the web site of
the Center for Holocaust
and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota, USA

As an aside, the 7-page Form-I document that I have
shows that the Form-I
has 13 numbered Sections, but un-numbered pages.
Pages for Sections 3 thru
6 and 9 are not included. Perhaps they did not
apply to my cousin, a
62-year-old married woman.

Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
with personal family at
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