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Gabriela Svatos

There are three modern day gazetteers which I have found very helpful
reference tools for Slovakia (Upper Hungary). The first one on the list is
the most recent and was compiled by Jordan Auslander(an H-Sig Member). It
is readily available in the USA.

Title: Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary (publ. 2005,
Avotaynu, USA)
Author: Jordan Auslander
ISBN: 1886223211

Title: Nazvy Obci Slovenskej Republiky (publ.1998, VEDA, Slovakia)
Author: Milan Majtan
ISBN: 8022405302

Title: Szlovakiai Telepulesek magyar-szlovak szlovak-magyar Nevei
(publ.1999. Madach-Posonium, Slovakia)-this one fits nicely into a
purse/backpack and is great to take along on your travels.
Author: Imre Czibulka
ISBN: 8070892897

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Thank you for all your suggestions. I located Hull on the 1913 gazeteer
I was quite elated. Finally a place to start the search.

Marge Hurl

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