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tom klein <h-sig@...>

this sounds kind of interesting, but i don't have a clue what this is about.

do you mean "hungarians" or "hungarian jews"? (in the context of this list, the latter is more likely, but the message is not exactly clear.)

why would "ashkenazi stuff" be antisemitism? ("ashkenazi" is the proper descriptive term for one of the two main streams of judaism today, which accounts for roughly half of the jews in the world, right?)

what is the "question about breast cancer"? and why should there be resistance to it?

since this message raises so many questions, i would at least like to hear what it is trying to say before it gets shunted off to private email - if our esteemed moderator will permit it.

leaving aside individual results, it would be very interesting to hear about traits that are common to hungarian jews, and if that leads off into areas (such as personal health issues) that are off-topic, then perhaps we can stop it there.

in the meantime, i would really appreciate it if someone would "connect the dots" for me!

....... tom klein, toronto

ethel jean saltz <nietgal@...> wrote:

I know this makes people uncomfortable. It sure did make me uncomfortable. However, it's new medical
technical data that has effected me and a matter of life and death.

I'm Haplogroup K. There seems to be a lot of Hungarian folks in this mtDNA group. Since I've
gotten the impression that Hungarians made an effort to select Hungarian mates, well, it may help us all to know if this is a path to follow along with all the tracing of our family.

All I wish to confirm that this hypothesis is observable within this SIG.

It turns out when I brought up the question about breast cancer in the Genographic K group, at first
there was resistance. But then someone who is expert (I haven't figured out how to read my own code yet) reported he was shocked to find out that the observational science seems to point out that this
group is presenting a medical history data base. Because of this, I can make better health decisions.

I used to think all this Ashkenzai stuff was antisemitism. Now I am part of the truth. Because of
copyright laws on scientific quanta, vocabulary is watched diligently by the legal profession.

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