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Dear All,
My ggfather Benjamin-Zeev or Wolf or Farkas Neumann was born on 1857 in
Luka-Nenye, Hont County (now Nenince, Slovakia) to Salomon Neumann and Roza
Klein. My father says that N. Farkas had brothers but he cannot remember
their names.He assumes that the family moved to Korpona, Hont County (now
Krupina, Slovakia).
*Can you advise me what to do in order to get more info about my ggfather
N. Farkas married Kohn Frida in unknown date. They lived in Losonc (now
Lucenec, Slovakia) where two of their children were born: Gyula and Vilma.
They moved to Kormoczbanya, Bars County (now Kremnica, Slovakia) where two
of their children were born: my gmother Jolan-Frumet (1895) and Artur
They moved (perhaps during world war one) to Budapest where they run a
coffee shop.
Neumann Farkas died in Budapest, 1933.
Kohn Frida died in Dregelypalank in 1942.

Gyula changed his name to Nemes, married Iren Hupert and lived in Pelsoc,
Gomor es Kis-Hont County (now Plesivec, Slovakia). They had a son named
Endre. Gyula and Iren perished in the holocaust. Endre immigrated to USA and
lived in Chicago. We lost contact with him during the 60'. *How can I find
any info about Nemes Endre?*
Vilma married Kalman Fischer >from Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) and lived in
Pest. Kalman disappear in 1944. Their son Tibor came back >from the Russian
front married and had two sons. I don’t know his wife and boys names. Tibor
died in the 50' and Vilma in the 60'.
My gmother married Rezso Hochfelder in 1916. Both died in the holocaust.
Artur died in world war one.

*Does it sound familiar to anyone? Any advise how to get further

Esther Levinson
Beer Sheeva, Israel

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