Hungary SIG #Hungary : Given Name of GIPO'L ? ; now on Viewmate #hungary

Ed Zwieback <ezwieback@...>

Thanks to the many replies I received, I now am certain that the given name
is LIPO'T v. LE'B (hebrew). This is a common hungarian name with the
english equivalent of Leopold. The hand written capital letter L , in that
1800's style, looks very much like a G, in today's style.
I appreciate all the help on this.
Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
with personal family at
--------------Reference posting
With reference to my 20 April request for help (included below), it
was suggested that I post the given name entry on JewishGen Viewmate
to help decipher the name. The entry, line 32 is shown at
VM7762 ;>

In addition, to include more samples of the handwriting, I have put
more of
the same page at VM7763; at>
. You can see another entry of the same given name " KOHN Gipo'l".
Looking at it again, maybe it is Lipo't ?

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