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Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Schwarcz, the Mezocsat Holocaust
memorial has been transcribed and added to the Holocaust Memorial
Database. This database is searchable by searching the All Hungary
Database along with the memorials of 28 other towns. The Holocaust
memorial project is an active project, and we continue to collect and
transcribe photos of memorials in pre-Trianon areas.

Carol Robinson
H-SIG Research Coordinator
Alameda, CA USA

Ida & Joseph Schwarcz wrote:

I was a child in Mezocsat before WW2 and I remember Glattstein's house and
store and that the cantor in the Synagogue was Kohn. He had a beautiful
voice. I have a photograph of the plaque in the cemetery of Mezocsat that
has the names of the persons taken to Auschwith and murdered in 1944. There
are Glattsteins and Kohns there.

Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz

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I was searching the Wikipedia about Hungary because of the Dracula story on
the History Channel. Noticed they had all these cities listed and I had this
letter >from my father's sister which gave some birth info. Yep the city is
correct and listed in the Wikipedia and has a history page: Mezocsat.

His name was Eugene Jeno Kohn which he changed to Kowan when moved to the
US. That's where my father was born. I am named for his mom: Ethel
Glattstein. This is my first real reading of the letter. If I'm reading it
right, MY GOODNESS, I was the Secretary to a Dr. Irwin Glattstein at G.W.U.
Hillel, 1949. I consider him one of my life mentors, a wonderful person who
is responsible for how I read and talk about the Bible. No way, not
possible. Ethel died there.

My paternal grandfather, Illes Kohn who became Rev. Elias Kohn at the Temple
On the Heights, Cleveland was born in what looks like
Szau(n?)to, Abai(u?)j. In the Wikipedia I couldn't find anthing like the
Sz... town name but the Megye closest I could see was Abauj-Torna, a merger
of two counties on the right bank of the Tirza.

All of this info is related to the Kohn Chapel of the Temple On The Heights
in Cleveland.

I have a first cousin of whom I've lost track. Esther (Mrs. B.) Greenfield,
Van Nuys, CA. My last mail contact was 04/05/83. There I met my
grandfather's brother, Dr. Maurice Kowan a few years earlier. He is
mentioned on the Web with respect to Laetrile. He told me all about it. He
explained why he changed his name. The rest of the family remained Kohn. My
father changed his name to his uncle's when he came to the US.

I have picture of my father with a female companion in a Hungarian festival
in Cleveland in Hungarian costume.

Ethel Kowan Saltz
Greenbelt MD

Moderator: Have you checked the JewishGen website and the All-Hungary
Database for information about these places? I suspect that you will find
more reliable information than what is available at Wikipedia. Szanto is
the former name of a place in Abauj-Torna megye (county) that is now
Abaujszanto, Hungary. Mezocsat, Hungary is in Borsad megye. The All-Hungary
Database also includes a list of names of martyrs >from the Holocaust
memorial in Mezocsat at
<> I'm not
sure what this all has to do with Dracula or what information you are seeing
from H-SIG subscribers. If you are looking for information about the KOHN
family >from Abaujszanto, you are more likely to get useful responses if your
subject line says KOHN fm Abaujszanto or Mezocsat.

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