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yehuda frischman

Dear Friends,

Having tracked down quite a bit on the Schwartz side
of the Family, I will now endeavor to do the same on
the Frischman side. My Great grandfather was Shimshon
Schmuel Frischman. He came over to America and
settled in NYC in the Late 1870s. We have a strong
suspicion that he was >from BERERSZASZ, Hungary, as the
marriage certificate of his son (my grandfather and
namesake's brother) Morris (Moshe) Frischman lists his
birthplace as BEREGSZASZ. I actually have a yiddish
business card of his, as owner of a delicatessen on
the Lower East side. I know that he was born in 1848
and his wife was the former Miriam Ackerman. I also
know that he is buried somewhere in NYC. But that's
about as far as I can get. Oh, one other curiosity:
About 10 years ago, I happened to see an article in an
Aguda newsletter about Camp Aguda. The camp director
was Meir Frischman. That in itself was interesting,
but what really astounded me was the picture: Meir
Frischman could have passed for my father (who's now
82, AMV"S) 50 years ago, virtually identical! I
contacted him and though his family is >from Hungary,
we weren't able to connect the dots. I think the
first step is to find Shimson Shmuel's matzeva, to
determine his father's name. Can anyone help me?


Yehuda Frischman, L.Ac.

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