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Per: Nyelvmu"velo" Ke'ziko:nyv Akade'miai Kiado' Budapest 1985=

TO'T is the collective name for a group of nationalities. The Slovaks,
Slovenians, the Chroatians (Slavonians) etc. It is an old-old Hungarian name for
these ethnic groups. Proof of how old, may be found in the fact that it
became a frequent Hungarian surname, mostly with the old Hungarian spelling: TOTH,
and may also be found among the names of localities, like To'tfalu,
To'tkomlo's, Lengyelto'ti etc.
It has been a non-derogative, friendly, non-official way to refer to those
of such background living in Hungary as minorities.

Hope, this will help...

Leslie Eloed
California USA

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lsteele6@... writes:
Does anyone know the derivation of the surname of Toth? It apparantly is
not a regular word, I looked it up in my Hungarian dictionary.
Laura Steele

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