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Dear fellow SIG-ers,

I believe that many of you interested in historical and genealogical
research focused on Jewish communities of Slovakia were aware of the
work of Nation´s Memory Institute of Slovakia based in Bratislava, the capital of
Slovakia. The Institute was founded by the Act of the
National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 553/2002 Coll.
The mission of the Institute is to provide the access to the previously
undisclosed records of the activities of the repressive organs
of the Slovak and Czechoslovak states in the period of oppression in
the years 1939-1989.

from the start, the Institute has conducted research on the
Holocaust in Slovakia (1939-1945) and persecution of Jewish people during the
Communist period Czechoslovakia (1948-1989) and this constitutes one
of the main areas of interest of NMI. In December 2005, the
Institute managed to publish the database of more than 10,000
liquidated Jewish businessess (1941-1942) and since that time made
remarkable progress in efforts to bring to light documents on the so-
called "aryanization" process and other acts of persecution against
Jewish people in Slovakia during 1939-1945 .

All this has been accomplished thanks to the work and support of
Ing. Jan Langos, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation´s
Memory Institute and its founder.

Jan Langos was also interested in work of Jewish Gen Hungarian Special Interest Group.
In the summer of 2005 H-SIG Coordinator Vivian Kahn met with Jan Langos in
Bratislava and discussed possible areas of cooperation between
JewishGen and the Institute.
In February 2006 Chairman Langos signed the cooperation agreement between
NMI and USHMM Washington, D.C.

I am very sad to inform you all that in the morning hours of June
15, 2006, Board of Directors Chairman of the Nation´s Memory
Institute Jan Langos died tragically.

The Nation´s Memory Institute has lost a charismatic personality
who determined decisively the direction of this young institution as
a part of the modern democratic history of the Slovak Republic. All
those who are conducting research on the Holocaust and persecution of
Jewish people in the Nation´ s Memory Institute and all those who
are interested in the results of this essential and important
research have suffered a tremendous loss.

Those of you who are interested to express sympathy can post messages
on-line at:

Mgr. Jan Hlavinka,
Nation´s Memory Institute Research Department,
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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