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There is a bit of a confusion about certain Hungarian ethnic expressions in use mainly in the 19th century and early 20th, such as TO'T (Slovak), RA'C (Serbian), OLA'H (Romanian), SV'AB (Hungarian German, which by the way is the Hungarian word for cockroach), GA'DZSI (gypsy), VLAH (Bosnian), RUSZKY (Russian) and so on.

They all were kind of pejorative, at least demeaning, much like disparaging expressions such as PATTY, INJUN, and GRINGO are in the US. And when somebody took such designation as a surname, mainly Jews, it somehow meant that it was forced on the person.


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Toth means slovakian, and the -th is pronounced as if the h wasn't there (not like the english th). some other nationalities that sometimes appear as surnames: Horvath (croatian), Legyel (polish), Nemeth (german).
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