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Vivian Kahn

Dear Ted and All,

It's my understanding that you can register for the Hungarian
research computer workshop on Sunday when you pick up your conference
registration. Appears that's there's no pre-registration for these
sessions. All I can suggest at this point is to get to registration
as early as possible.

I've been told that registration will be limited by the fact that
they have 25 computers available for each workshop. Depending on the
size of the room, they might be able to accommodate folks who just
audit the session but don't have access to one of the 25 computers.
We will also need one or two folks with good computer skills to serve
as monitors. They won't have to pay and won't have access to a
computer but have to walk around and help those who need assistance
with the available PCs. I'm a Mac user myself but expect that the
computers will all be operating on MS platform.

Please contact me off-list if you think you have the skills to serve
as a monitor and are interested in doing so.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA
H-SIG Coordinator

Researching families including:
ADLER/Sighet, Giulesti, Rom. (Maramarossziget, Gyulafalva, Hun.)
Hung.); Seini, Rom. (Szinervaralja, Hun), Vamfalu, Hung. (Vama,
Rom.),NYC, Detroit, Israel
GROSZ/Orasu Nou, Rom., Szatmar megye, Hung.
GRUNVALD/Bratislava, Michalovce, Humenne, Slov.
KAHN/KAHAN/KOHN/Sighet, Rom.(Maramarossziget, Hun), London
KOHN/Ung megye, Hung.
KORNIS/Miskolc, Hung.
LEFKOVICS/Ung or Zemplen megye, Hung.
MARKUS/Sepsiszentgyorgy, Hung. (Sfante Gheorghu, Rom)
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/MOSS, Ostrov (Kisozstro), Sobrance, Bunkocz,
Kosice (Kassa),Lastomir, Ungvar, Michalovce, Presov, NYC, Cleveland
NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce, Kosice (Kassa), Sabinov
(Kis-Szeben), Vranov (Varanno), Kriszti (Kereszt), Slov.
ROTH/Orasu Nou, Rom. (Ujvaros, Hun.)
VERO (formerly WEISZBERGER) Debrecen, Nyirbator
ZEGAL/Maramaros, Hun.

Vivian. I very much want to attend the session on Hungarian research
sources. Please advise if this note assures that I will be able to
or what I have to do to assure a place at the session. . I have
registered for the conference and look forward to seeing you there.
I just got back >from Hungary, My trip included four days in two little
villages near Kisvarda where my grandparents and great-grandparents
grew up.
I had a wonderful time, and learned a great deal, but I feel that I
am just
at the tip of the iceberg. and I am dying to learn more. Thanks
for all
your hard work.
Ted Grossman

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