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Dear Genners
Daniel [Aser?] Weinberger arrived in NY >from Pancevo-Banat/Hungary.
According to Ellis Island data a
Gyoza Wainberger >from Pancsova arrived on Dec. 1913. According to ship's
manifest the name he gave as closest
Relative in home town was Vilmos Weinberger . Vilmos was my husband's
grandfather who perished in Beograd in 1941 and brother of Daniel. Their
Father Mor Weinberger died in Pancevo in 1905, thus Vilmos became
responsible for all 8 siblings.
I assume Daniel is Gyoza , nevertheless I could not find any one in 1920 and
1930 census that fit information.
Coming to NY in August, I would like to work on this treed.
Any suggestions?

Lea Haber Gedalia ,Jerusalem
Searching for: Haber/Aber/Orenstein [Hirlau Romania to NY, Baltimor, Canada]
Hersckovich-Harris [Tirgu Neamtz to Philadelphia] Schwartz [Husi, Romania]
Derfler, Ellenberg [Bukovina and Czernowic]

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