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Edna Hoover

I have been working on a family history project for the past 5 years and
have been unable to locate any information whatsoever on
our great-grandfather's family >from Hungary. Nossen-Nutte "Nathan"
Latterhraus left Lisk, Hungary with his father, mother and older brother and
migrated to Palestine about 1888. He was married in Meah She'arim,
Jerusalem in 1897 and worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Company, the
Rishon Le-Tsiyyon Wine Company and the Ungarische Kollel in Jerusalem. He
received the title "Rabbi" >from Ha-Rav Kook before he came through Ellis
Island in 1923 at age 46. He returned to Israel with his wife in 1956 and
is buried in Tel Aviv. It seems he had family >from Hungary living in the
New York Area: MENDELSON in New York City and KLEIN in Westchester. Family
lore states that he was related to the famous R'Elimelech of Lezajsk.

1. Avraham Yitshak Or Avraham Ben Yitshak LATERHAUS/ LATTERHUS/LETTERHAUSE/
LETERHAUSE (b.Austria Hungary)
sp: Hannah (b.Bef 1860)
+-2. Refael Nossen-Nutte "Nathan" LATTERHAUS (b.Abt
1877/1878-Olaszliszka-Lisk,Hungary d.Abt 1958-Jerusalem,Israel)
sp: Hay' Gittel ROHALD (b.About 1878?-Jerusalem,Palestine?
|-3. Yonah-Taube Beile LATTERHAUS (b.8 Sep 1899-Jerusalem,Palestine
d.26 Sivan 5739/ Jun 21, 1979-Hempstead,Nassau,NY)
| sp: Mosheh Uri "Moses" HAIMSON (b.1905-Hebron,Palestine d.Jan 9,
1934/ 23 Teves 5694 (Age 29!)-Brooklyn,New York)
|-3. Devorah LATTERHAUS
| sp: Mosheh BERKUZ
| sp: Not Known
|-3. Sarah Hinde LATTERHAUS (b.Jerusalem,Palestine)
| sp: Yitshak Emmerich BURGER (b.Hungary)
|-3. Avraham Yitshak LATTERHAUS (b.Abt 1907-Jerusalem,Palestine
+-3. Rahel Ruth L. LATTERHAUS (b.28 Nov 1909-Jerusalem,Palestine d.25
Feb 1995-Long Island,New York)

Please let me know if you can help with this search.

"Edna Hoover"
JGFF Researcher # 66736
B'klyn NY

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